Castellane Law Office

International activities

There is no universal law. Only bilateral treaties and multilateral treaties are negotiated between States, such as individual agreements and corporate agreements.

Our business law office undertakes the following practice areas:

International Arbitration

By choosing this procedure your benefits are:

  • The choice of arbitrators’ : chosen depending on the subject of the dispute and the level of complexity involved
  • Straightforward process : A more flexible approach to litigation can be adopted. Parties can choose both the legal rules and framework applicable to their dispute
  • Discretion guaranteed : unlike public trials

International business relationships

  • Establishing bi-lateral agreements
  • Benefitting from legal representation for your investments
  • Company formations
  • Anticipating the impact of tax regulations
  • Forseeing labour regulations and the labour market
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Directors Liabilities
  • Real Estate Management

We can provide you with useful links and information about business with high potential.

European Affairs

  • Influence European regulations
  • Represent collective interests
  • Contacts and connexions

Europe offers you economical opportunities requiring legal accompaniment and assistance.


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